Planting Mix

Professional Bedding Soil -Facts and Uses

Uses: A planting media, which can be used at varying depths from 3 inches to 2 feet, to create landscaping beds for trees, shrubs and perennials. Use to create new landscaping beds where tilling in pure Compost is not possible.
Facts: For best results work Pro Bedding Soil into the existing soil before planting to add valuable native soil into this planting media. Working in the native soil adds valuable naturally occurring minerals and nutrients which add to planting success. It is always preferable to amend soil with compost when possible. As with all new plantings, choosing the right plants for the climate and sun, proper fertilizations and sufficient watering are the keys to success.
***Fertilization (3-4 times a year) with a balanced slow release fertilizer is critical to plant success!***

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