Living Earth® | About Us

Living Earth Leadership Team

Living Earth was founded in Houston Texas in 1985 and has grown to be an industry leader in the business of green material recycling, and the manufacturing and marketing of mulch, compost and soil products.

The Company currently operates twenty-six locations in Texas, and has an outstanding team of 200+ experienced employees staffing its facilities and operations. The Living Earth management team has an average tenure of 14 years with the Company.


Living Earth uses sustainable methods to recycle local green waste and other organic material diverted from commercial generators, municipalities and service companies. These locally diverted resources are processed into eco-smart, earth-friendly landscape products that are sold in bulk quantities and in bags to landscape contractors, independent garden centers, major retailers and homeowners.

Customers enjoy being able to pick up materials at Living Earth’s convenient locations, or utilizing Living Earth’s prompt and courteous delivery service direct to the job site.


Numerous communities and hundreds of companies utilize Living Earth’s authorized recycling facilities for sustainable materials management of green-waste, wood-waste, and vegetative discards. Customers include major solid waste hauling companies, lawn maintenance companies, tree service companies, landscape contractors, manufacturing companies, and municipalities.

Living Earth’s green material recycling operations have proven to be an asset in landfill reduction, assisting in a comparable greenhouse gas reduction effect and water conservation, all while recovering and returning organic material back to the environment for beneficial use.