Living Earth Mulch

Living Earth mulch is produced from local organic matter sourced from our green recycling programs. We work hand and hand with cities, private businesses and the local community to divert organic materials from landfills and create sustainable mulch for landscapers, garden centers and homeowners instead. The end product is a comprehensive line of consistent, high quality organic mulches. We offer a wide selection of different types of mulch, from Hardwood to Pine to a variety of colored mulches. Click on an image to learn more, or contact us for more information.

***Photos may look different from actual product due to regional sourcing and computer monitor color reproduction.

Natural Mulch Products

Delivery is available for mulch in bulk with a minimum quantity order of 4 cubic yards or a 1 pallet minimum order for bagged products. Living Earth has a coverage calculator available to help you determine the quantity of product needed.

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Benefits of Mulch

  • Mulch retains moisture in the soil, which can help keep plant roots damp and reduce the need to water frequently
  • A thin layer of mulch can reduce soil compaction
  • Mulch moderates soil temperature
  • Mulch improves the soil by introducing microorganism
  • Mulch reduces or eliminates erosion
  • Mulch can eliminate the need for landscape fabrics by suppressing weed seeds from sprouting

Frequently Asked Questions About Mulch

What is mulch made of?

Mulch is made of a variety of organic materials such as shredded wood, pine needles, wood chips, and/or pine straw. Living Earth’s mulch is sourced from local materials using sustainable methods. Mulch is a byproduct of recycling whole trees, logs and branches from various sources into an attractive mulch product that returns the material back to the earth as it decomposes.

When should I use mulch?

Because mulch does decompose and enrich your soil, Living Earth recommends mulching at least twice a year. This ensures that you’re reaping all the benefits of mulch throughout the year.

What is the best mulch?

Living Earth always recommends organic mulches over inorganic mulches. Since all of Living Earth’s mulches are organic and typically provide the same benefits, you can simply select a mulch with colors and textures that appeal to you.

Is it better to use mulch or bark?

Most mulch contains bark in it and they both carry the same benefits. Bark mulch will tend to decompose more quickly than shredded wood mulches, though.

Can you put new mulch over old mulch?

You most definitely can!  We recommend fluffing the old mulch first before adding another layer. This will prevent the old mulch from matting down.

What is the best mulch for flower beds in Texas?

Ultimately, this will depend on your preference. Our Premium Hardwood Mulch contains a lot of compost fines that will enrich the soil as they continue to break down. Aromatic Cedar contains cedar oils which have been known to help prevent insects. Our best selling is the Texas Native Hardwood Mulch, which is a less expensive mulch, but contains all the great attributes of mulch.