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Premium mulches, garden soils, compost, sand and other soil amendments with rock solid, fair pricing are what make Living Earth the elite provider of landscaping supplies to landscaping professionals in Texas. With over 20 locations, Living Earth is the largest manufacturer and provider of mulch, compost and other landscaping materials in Texas, as well as Texas’ largest recycler of green material.

As the premier landscape materials company in Texas, we understand that because of harsh climate and poor soil conditions in many parts of Texas, landscaping projects call for very specific garden materials to ensure successful growth of plants, flowers and trees.

We combine premium compost, mulches, bedding mixes, sand, dirt and other high performance soil amendments with the experience and knowledge that ensure your landscaping projects have the perfect materials for a beautiful outdoor space. We work hand-in-hand with landscaping professionals, making sure you receive fast, personal service coupled with product availability second to none.

We provide a wide variety of professional landscaping materials beyond soil amendments as well. Living Earth is a recommended source for rock landscaping materials in the Dallas and Houston areas. We have many types of flagstone, including natural stones in a spectrum of colors and textures to work with any landscape design. We also carry boulders, moss rock, beach pebbles, and gravel perfect for stepping stones, retaining walls, and more.

Landscaping Supplies Delivered Direct To Your Project

Our top-notch fleet of Living Earth delivery trucks and trailers is unmatched in the industry, and capable of delivering materials when and where you need them, ensuring that you get your materials on time and efficiently. Whether for a large highway construction project or smaller residential project, you can depend on our reliable delivery service to get the job done.

Being founded more than 20 years ago in Houston, TX, Living Earth is known for our diverse inventory and great customer service. Whatever your landscaping job needs, we will likely have it available. Contact us at any one of the locations near you.  Check out our Coverage Calculator.

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More Than a Landscaping Supply Store

Living Earth recycles locally diverted organics collected via our green recycling programs to create our Earth-friendly soil amendments and mulches. You can feel good using Living Earth’s products knowing that we work hand in hand with cities, private businesses and our local community to keep 700,000 tons of green material out of landfills each year.