Biofilter Media

Living Earth Biofilter Media is a specifically designed and time tested product developed and manufactured specifically for treating off gas from wastewater treatment facilities.   Over 20 years ago, we began closely with environmental engineers specialized in wastewater treatment operations and local wastewater treatment facilities to design and test LE Biofilter Media Mix.  The LE Biofilter Media Mix has performed remarkably for many wastewater treatment facilities ever since.  Our product is a unique blend of sized and sourced wood chips, specific barks and specially designed compost, each individually manufactured and screened to varying sizes to form a media layer mix which wastewater off gas passes through in order to remove air pollutants and odors.  This occurs by means of the targeted microbiological activity present in the system.  We do not engineer the system infrastructure itself – the plenum base, which is made for the purpose of distributing off gas air evenly through the media from below, as well as the properly tuned surface irrigation system which maintains moisture levels throughout the media for optimum biological activity, are both requirements for optimal dispersion of the off gases. We are happy to discuss options and share information with you if you have interest in our media for your wastewater treatment facility.

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