A Breath of Fresh Air

With uncontrolled wastewater treatment plant odors creating a potential stumbling block for many urban restoration projects, Living Earth was asked to help develop cost-effective solutions by a national environmental engineering group back in the early 2000s.

After a comprehensive odor assessment that identified the headworks as one major odor source, Living Earth proceeded to co-develop and manufacture a proprietary environmentally friendly biofilter media matrix, which operates within an engineered biofilter odor control system – a ‘green’ technology that uses the natural action of microorganisms to control nuisance odors – no need for hazardous chemicals or disposing of hazardous residuals.

Requiring less energy and manpower than traditional technologies, the system yields cost savings and provides the municipalities and local residents with the breath of fresh air they were seeking, enabling nearby development to not be impacted by odors. This media has been used successfully by many major municipalities in the North Texas area for almost 20 years.