Landscaper's Mix

Landscaper’s Mix can be used as a planting media at varying depths (3 inches to 2 feet). It’s well suited for landscaping beds for trees, shrubs and perennials. Formerly known as Pro-Bedding, it can be used to create new landscaping beds where tilling in pure compost is not possible.

To add valuable, naturally occurring minerals and nutrients, gently blend in Landscaper’s Mix to existing soil before planting. Amend soil with compost when possible. As with all new plantings, choosing the right plants for the climate and sun, proper fertilizations (3-4x per year) and sufficient watering are the keys to success.

Available in bags and bulk in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. In Tennessee, check out our Magic Mix.


*Minimum order of 4 yards required for delivery. In-store and curbside pickup also available.



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