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Living Earth - Soil - Living Earth Rose Soil - Click to view larger imageLiving Earth Rose Soil is made of Compost, Hardwood Mulch and Pine Bark. A small percentage of sand is included to add structure to the mix. Compost may be made with grass clippings, leaves, branches, manure, straw and/or stable bedding depending on the availability of these feed stocks. Rose Soil has a coarse texture that allows air circulation yet stays damp.

Rose Soil Product Specifications:

Rose Soil made with compost, Hardwood mulch and Pine Bark as supplied by Living Earth (

Rose Soil Uses:

  • As a Soil Amendment when planting Roses, Hibiscus, Hawthorne and many other evergreen shrubs.
  • In outdoor containers with plants that prefer a damp environment.

Rose Soil Standard Applications:

  • As a soil amendment mix 50/50 into the existing planting bed prior to new plantings.
  • Add around Roses and other plants to replenish the soil.
  • Use in containers. Be sure the container has a hole in the bottom. Add a drainage layer of gravel, pottery shards or another coarse material before filling with Rose Soil.

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