Municipal Opportunities for Green Waste Recycling

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Living Earth, working with the public sector, provides beneficial, green waste recycling services that have blossomed into a constructive and mutually beneficial partnership.

Between 20-30% of the waste material that goes into most landfills is considered to be green recyclables. Working with Living Earth, municipalities are discovering ways to be better stewards of their communities and landfills by reducing the amount of green material that ends up taking up valuable space in the landfills.

Living Earth has created a niche in Municipal Contracting, diverting thousands of tons of green material and processing it into reusable mulch and compost. We have developed approaches where systems and facilities can be either publicly or privately owned, but the compost and mulch operation is provided by Living Earth under contract with the public agency or the franchise landfill operator.

By introducing our diversion program to your facility or having your collection company bring green materials to a Living Earth location, we can successfully divert thousands of tons of green material and process it into reusable mulch and compost, a true win-win situation. The landfill wins, your community wins, and the environment wins.

A pioneer in the green waste recycling revolution, Living Earth is also now developing a post-consumer food waste recycling program to compost vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and dairy products.

Living Earth fully agrees with SWANA’s (Solid Waste Association of North America) guiding principle that any privatization efforts of a solid waste management program should be supportive of the local government’s public service authorities and agencies. Without such support, privatization will not be successful. Living Earth is proud of its strong track record of being involved with the local communities in which it operates facilities.

For more information about our green material diversion program and other municipal services, please contact Lora Hinchcliff at (214) 673-3341.

Since our founding in 1985, Living Earth continues to demonstrate efficient, effective and environmentally sound management practices. We are a privately owned and locally operated company that specializes in the diversion and recycling of residential and commercial organics. Managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in green waste recycling, Living Earth is financially strong and light on our feet.

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