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Look to Living Earth to provide materials to the exacting specifications required for your rooftop garden system.

The core of a successful Green Roof system is the growing media.

Living Earth makes Green Roof material to specification. We use expanded clay (often called expanded shale) as the aggregate portion of our soil. Usually sand and compost are added to make up the other half of the mix. Some jobs specify almost pure expanded clay. This provides for essential drainage and soil air capacity, and sufficient organic nutrients for the shallow-rooted plants.

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Living Earth is the supplier of choice for Green Roof material. All components of the media are natural so as not to pollute storm water that runs off into the nearby drains, streams and lakes. Living Earth Green Roof media is prepared for the type of use and the region for optimum results.

From the Austin City Hall to projects in the Houston Medical Center, our growing media has been formulated to specification for the top integrated Roof Garden Companies in the United States. Among the companies we work with are American Hydrotech and CETCO.

Living Earth provides growing materials for the various Green Roof types including:

Extensive Green Roofs: Also known as low-profile or performance, this type of green roof typically contains only one or two plant species and minimal planting medium, typically 3-6 inches deep with a saturated weight of 15-30 lb/sq. ft.

Semi-Intensive Green Roofs: Semi-Intensive Green Roofs in terms of requirements fall in between Extensive and Intensive Green Roof systems, usually 6-12 inches deep with a saturated weight of 30-50 lb/sq. ft.

Intensive Green Roofs: The minimum planting medium depth for an intensive green roof is usually greater than that of an extensive system, with the maximum depth dictated by the application design. The saturated weight is 70 lb/sq. ft or more.

Modular Green Roofs: In this system, the medium is contained in special trays covering all or most of the green roof.

Generally speaking, the planting media are designed as a part of an integrated system that begins with a waterproof membrane on the roof surface. A series of baffles, filters, a drainage system and other components are installed prior to the planting beds. Once the beds are ready, the planting soil is laid down anywhere from six to eighteen inches deep. Usually an irrigation system is included. Finally, plants selected to thrive in a bright, windy environment are planted.

When you want Green Roof material, Living Earth stands by to work with, delivering the growing media you need based on the specifications provided for your particular project.

Call Living Earth today at 972-869-4332. We are ready to discuss your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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