Pea Gravel

Living Earth - Gravel - Pea - Click to view larger imagePea Gravel is generally sized at 3/8 inch or 5/8 inch. It is washed, rounded, hard river gravel. Some Pea Gravel is multi-colored white to dark grey. Most is colored with various shades of brown.

Pea Gravel Product Specifications:

Pea Gravel as supplied by Living Earth ( Available in bulk or bags.

Pea Gravel Uses:

  • Construction of pathways where a natural look is desired.
  • In accent areas around statues and other hardscape features.
  • For applications where more complicated surfaces like sidewalks and pavers are not preferred.
  • Beneath Pavers, Flagstone and Step stones.
  • Around downspouts to absorb runoff and prevent erosion.

Pea Gravel Standard Applications:

For Pathways:

  • Plan on a 4 inch depth.
  • Excavate the area to the depth of 4 inches.
  • Prepare the area by edging it with steel or bendable edging. Some use chop block as edging. Any edging must be solidly staked down.
  • Line the bottom of the area with weed fabric, using enough to turn up the edges along the edging.
  • Install Pea Gravel evenly in the area.

Under Pavers, Flagstone and Step Stones:

  • Excavate to a depth about an inch deeper than the hard surface.

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