Business History

Living Earth® (F/K/A Living Earth Technology Co.) was founded in Houston Texas in 1985.

Living Earth Leadership TeamThe young innovative company was purchased by Republic Waste in 1991 and in the same year acquired Dallas Organic Products and International Stone & Materials (now Living Earth in Missouri City, Texas).

Triple A Mulch, now Living Earth in The Woodlands, was added in 1995, followed by the acquisition of CJM The Soil Supermarket (1996), and Elliott’s Agri-Service in May 1997. In 2007 Living Earth was purchased by Hunt Special Situations Group, a private investment firm, and Living Earth management.

From 2008-2011, Living Earth continued to grow, adding more locations to better serve its growing customer base. In 2011, Living Earth’s management partnered with NGP Energy Technology Partners.

Since 1985, Living Earth has grown to be an industry leader in the business of recycling, marketing, and selling mulch, compost and soil products primarily derived from yard trimmings that otherwise would be disposed of in landfills.

Producing a full line mulches, compost and soil products, Living Earth sells its products in bulk quantities and in bags to landscape contractors, independent garden centers, major retailers and homeowners.  Customers enjoy being able to pick materials up at any of our 25 convenient locations or they can utilize Living Earth’s prompt and courteous delivery service.


Returning tree limbs, brush, leaves and grass clippings to beneficial reuse for over 20 years, Living Earth is the largest recycler of green material in Texas. As consumers and municipalities are becoming increasingly aware, recycling green material reduces landfill use, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, promotes water conservation and returns organic material back into the environment.

In 2007, Living Earth recycled over 500,000 tons of green material, the equivalent of taking 60,000 passenger cars off of the road for one year. We invite everyone to join us in recycling to keep our communities beautiful and preserve the environment for generations to come.