On-Structure Rooftop Mix

Living Earth - Soil - Image Coming Soon - Click to view larger imageOn-Structure Rooftop Mix is a custom mix made from a mixture of Expanded Shale, washed sand and Compost. The mix is used in container planting and on structure applications as specified. We will prepare this mix to your specification. We can change it and reweigh it. We warrant that this mix will provide satisfactory performance of plant material when used with proper plant care.

Most Common Components Found In On-Structure Rooftop Mix:

The following descriptions are of the three most common components found in Rooftop Mix:
  • EXPANDED SHALE or HAYDITE is a clay product that is heated in a rotary kiln until it becomes a ceramic aggregate. Most Expanded Shale is sized to 3/8 inches and is grey in color. It can absorb about 20% of its weight in water, yet because it is angular in shape it also improves drainage and air circulation when used in horticultural mixes.
  • COMPOST is made from various feed stocks, including stable bedding, leaves, grass-clippings and tree branches. It is processed using grinders and screens, then aged in a static pile. This compost is highly organic and promotes microbial activity needed for healthy plant development.
  • SHARP SAND is coarse, textured, sub-angular sand. It promotes drainage, minimizes compaction and provides stability to a soil mix.

On-Structure Rooftop Mix Uses:

  • As a component of an integrated, engineered rooftop garden system.
  • In large planters on elevated applications such as rooftops, parking garages and others.

On-Structure Rooftop Mix Standard Application:

Rooftop Mix has various formulas depending on the intended end use. Living Earth supplies this material to a number of engineered, integrated rooftop garden companies that specify various combinations of the above components. Usually Expanded Shale is the major component. Saturated weight is usually considered a critical measurement when specifying Rooftop Mix.


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