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We recognize that every project you work on is unique and requires specific resources. By partnering with Living Earth, you will find a collaborative team that understands how to achieve the sustainable solutions you need.

Like you, we are committed to environmental stewardship and will deliver only the highest quality, organic products that your site specifications demand.

To make working with Living Earth an efficient collaboration, we have provided specific product specifications for your use.

Feel free to copy, paste and use as needed!

  • Dedicated to the re-use of resources as the Largest Green Recycler in Texas
  • Largest manufacturer and supplier of Landscape Materials in Texas
  • Maintains the Largest Delivery Fleet of any Landscape Materials company in Texas
  • Numerous locations conveniently located throughout North and South Texas
  • Provides LEED® and SITES support for sustainable landscape practices
Living Earth Technologies

Black Star Gravel

Living Earth - Gravel - Black Star - Click to view larger imageBlack Star Gravel is generally sized at 1 inch down to ½ inch. It is washed, fractured, hard basaltic gravel. It is dark grey when dry and black when wet.

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Bull Rock

Living Earth - Bull Rock - Click to view larger imageBull Rock is sized from 5 inches down to about 3 inches. Most Bull Rock comes in various shades of brown. Although it has lots of rounded surfaces, it also has fractured surfaces.

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Mexican Beach Pebbles

Living Earth - Soil - Image Coming Soon - Click to view larger imageMexican Beach Pebbles come in a various sizes from 5 inches down to 1 inch. They are sorted by size. They are smooth, flattened, generally rounded in shape. Mexican Beach Pebbles come in shades of gray, red and brown.

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Wood Fiber Playground Chips

Living Earth - Specialty Products - Wood Fiber Playground Surface - Click to view larger imageWood Fiber Playground Chips are made of specially processed virgin wood. No pallets or other reuse wood is used. We have manufactured our playground chips to meet the Uniform Wood Chip specifications as listed in the Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

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Infield Clay Mix

Living Earth - Specialty Products - Infield Mix - Click to view larger imageInfield Clay Mix is a specially designed red baseball infield clay based mix. Mix consists of a thoroughly blended combination of red clay and fine sand. The ratio of elements may differ from one application to the next. A 60/40 blend of clay to sand is often used.

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