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Living Earth Premium Compost

Living Earth - Soil - Living Earth Compost - Click to view larger imageLiving Earth Premium Compost is manure-based, aged, tested and ready when you want a top-shelf soil amendment or planting medium. Living Earth Compost is ideal for vegetable gardens.

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Top Soil with Compost

Living Earth - Soil - Mixed Soil with Compost - Click to view larger imageTop Soil with Compost is a blend of topsoil, sand and compost, screened to remove stones and debris, this blend is designed to build planting beds. The heavy nature of Mixed Soil with Compost keeps it in place as plants establish. It will stay in place when used to build a raised planting bed.

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On-Structure Rooftop Mix

Living Earth - Soil - Image Coming Soon - Click to view larger imageOn-Structure Rooftop Mix is a custom mix made from a mixture of Expanded Shale, washed sand and Compost. The mix is used in container planting and on structure applications as specified. We will prepare this mix to your specification. We can change it and reweigh it. We warrant that this mix will provide satisfactory performance of plant material when used with proper plant care.

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Planting Mix

Living Earth - Soil - Specialty Planting Mix - Click to view larger imagePlanting Mix begins with our quality Professional Bedding Soil. We add Texas Green Sand (glauconite) that provides chelated iron and other elements. Then we add Expanded Shale to promote drainage, producing a superior soil structure. Specialty Planting Mix is ready to use in all planting applications.

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Rose Soil

Living Earth - Soil - Living Earth Rose Soil - Click to view larger imageLiving Earth Rose Soil is made of Compost, Hardwood Mulch and Pine Bark. A small percentage of sand is included to add structure to the mix. Compost may be made with grass clippings, leaves, branches, manure, straw and/or stable bedding depending on the availability of these feed stocks. Rose Soil has a coarse texture that allows air circulation yet stays damp.

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Topdress For Athletic Fields

Living Earth - Soil - Image Coming Soon - Click to view larger imageTopdress for Athletic Fields Blend is a specific blend of sand and compost. Sand is the major component with the compost adding the organic element required for the development of adequate soil biology. The sand is “subangular” or sharp. Composted rice hulls are used because of their fine texture. The ratio of sand and compost may vary, but 80/20 sand to compost is recommended.

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Expanded Shale

Living Earth - Specialty Products - Expanded Shale - Click to view larger imageExpanded Shale or Haydite is a clay product that is heated in a rotary kiln until it becomes a ceramic aggregate. Most Expanded Shale is sized to 3/8 inches and is grey in color. It can absorb about 20% of its weight in water, yet because it is angular in shape it also improves drainage and air circulation when used in horticultural mixes.

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