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Native Hardwood Mulch

Living Earth - Mulch - Premium Native Mulch - Click to view larger imageNative Hardwood Mulch is the most economically friendly mulch available to the discerning Landscape Architect. Native Hardwood Mulch is a byproduct of recycling whole hardwood trees, logs and branches from various sources into an attractive mulch product that returns the material back to the earth as it decomposes. The trees are derived from necessary urban processes such as utility line trimmings, commercial tree trimming and landscape construction. Companies producing this material are looking for environmentally friendly ways of disposing of green waste so they bring it to Living Earth. The trees and branches are ground twice and aged to produce a fine yet fibrous mulch, varying in particle sizes from composted fines though 4” in length. The fact that all parts of the tree are ground ensures that leaves, bark, cambium, and heartwood of the tree produce the most nutrient rich and diverse natural mulch on the market.

Although not sold as compost, Native Hardwood Mulch definitely has a compost component by its very nature, thus enriches the planting with its finer particles. The fibrous interlocking nature of Native Hardwood Mulch makes it an excellent choice for use on all planting areas to conserve water, suppress weeds, moderate soil temperatures, and add valuable nutrients as it decomposes. The mulch holds in place and will not wash, making it superior for use on sloped areas. This mulch product is an easy favorite for specification on LEED projects.

Native Hardwood Mulch Product Specifications:

Native Hardwood Mulch derived from trees, logs, and branches that is double ground using a commercial grinder to produce a fine fibrous mulch with uniform texture, partially composted, with color ranging from dark brown to black, a pH ranging between 6.0-7.0 and low in salinity. Double Ground Native Mulch is supplied by Living Earth (

Native Hardwood Mulch Standard Applications:

All trees and shrub areas shall be mulched immediately after planting. Trees and shrubs shall be mulched, as shown. Spread mulch in bed area, to a depth of three inches (3”), uniformly to cover all planting pits, keeping mulch away from plant stems.

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